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Chinese Herbal Consultation

Herbal consultations at the Center for Health are provided by Abigail Thomas-Costello, who is a board certified Chinese Herbalist and NYS licensed Acupuncturist. Individually designed herbal formulas provide focused treatment for many health problems. The use of Chinese medicinal herbs is guided by centuries of practice as well as modern scientific research. Consultation with a trained herbalist is a safer, smarter way to use medicinal herbs.

Our commitment to excellence means that the herbal products are of the highest quality. We recommend only those products that are safe and effective. They are produced by manufacturers who meet the standards for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). In addition to these manufacturing standards, the herbs are tested by the trusted companies that import them into the U.S. to ensure that they are free from chemicals and metals. Measures are also taken to ensure that the products contain only the ingredients that are reported on their lables. We use products from the following companies that meet our high standards: Spring Wind Premium herbs, Golden Flower Chinese Herbs, Nuherbs and Treasure of East.

Chinese Dietary Therapy

It is well understood that food choices have a major impact on our health. Dietary recommendations, based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, are offered as a part of the comprehensive Acupuncture and Oriental medicine services at the Center for Health. We take an individualized approach to eating and understand food as medicine. You will learn how to choose the foods that support and maintain your health.