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Massage has many beneficial effects on the entire body as well as on areas of dysfunction and pain. Massage promotes circulation in the tissues and calms the nervous system. With the body in a relaxed state, specific massage techniques help to restore correct movement and function to injured or chronically stressed areas. At the Center For Health, massage therapy is more than an enjoyable experience; it is part of a healthy lifestyle.

Integrated Massage

Through time and training our experienced therapists have developed a way of combining various styles to meet the needs of each client. With integrated massage, no two sessions are alike. This is the most common type of session provided at the Center for Health. The combination of styles that are used for your session depends on the training and expertise of your therapist, as well as the needs of your body at the time.

Swedish Massage

This is a classic European style of therapeutic massage in which firm pressure is used in combination with pure massage oils. It is offered as a part of integrated massage as well as in a full body massage session. Swedish massage has a focus on promoting blood circulation, relaxing the nervous system and creating better movement in muscle tissue and joints.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep pressure is used to release stored muscle tension, strongly promote circulation and create movement in tissue and joints. Deep tissue may be used as a part of integrated massage sessions according to the needs of the client. A full session may also be requested.

Acupressure Massage (Shiatsu)

Acupressure massage combines stimulation of pressure points and stretching for a relaxing experience that leaves the body in better alignment and balance. For the massage, clients lie, fully clothed, on a mat on the floor.


Pure plant oils, blended into massage oil, offer deep relaxation as well as many other health benefits. Aromatherapy is a potent healing art with a well researched scientific basis. Essential oils enhance the effects of massage in harmonizing, detoxifying, strengthening immune system and improving circulation. Your therapist will choose the oils that best address your particular concerns.

Pregnancy Massage

We offer massage for women throughout the stages of pregnancy. Our techniques are chosen to accommodate the safety and comfort of both mother and baby. Pregnancy can be simultaneously a wonderful and difficult time for women. Massage during pregnancy eases stress and strain and creates a restful state with many benefits; mentally, emotionally and physically. Deep relaxation helps a woman settle into the changes happening in her body and her world as her baby develops. We offer a special table to allow pregnant women to rest in a face down position.

Post-natal Massage

Massage can be a valuable tool in helping women to make the transition from pregnancy to mothering an infant. The birth of a baby can be difficult for many women. At the Center For Health, we bring our attention to the importance of good care for mothers as well as new babies. We offer a variety of treatment options for mothers including massage, acupuncture, Chinese herbs and dietary recommendations. Informational sessions for parents about self care and baby massage are also available.