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Osteopathy is a comprehensive field of patient-centered medicine with a core belief that a person’s structure and function are interrelated.  Further, osteopaths assert that when in optimal structure, the body’s own self-healing, self-regulating abilities will be able to function optimally.

Osteopaths are trained in physical manipulation in a wide range of techniques in conjunction with their medical school studies.  From the high velocity- low amplitude techniques often associated with chiropractors to the very subtle myofascial release and Osteopathic cranial manipulation techniques, osteopaths have a broad knowledge and skill base that allows them to treat a multitude of physical traumas and ailments in ways suitable for the age, physical health, and pain tolerance of each individual patient.  

Through four years of medical school and typically three years of residency, an Osteopathic physician has the opportunity to study the structure and function of each organ system in great detail, in health and in disease.  The relationships between organ systems and patterns of dysfunction are observed and treated during the course of tens of thousands of patient visits.  Osteopaths have the intensive training required to “see” the body on its many levels simultaneously.  This course of training and experience gives Osteopaths a level of expertise with the human body that is truly unique.


Do you take insurance?

While I don’t take insurances, many insurance plans cover my services as an “out of network” doctor.  That usually means that after your deductible is met, you will be reimbursed to some degree. 

Do you require a referral?

I don’t require any paperwork, however your insurance company may require that you have a referral from your primary doctor in order to agree to cover my services.

What age groups do you treat?

Osteopaths are trained to treat patients from those just born through their elderly years.  Of course, not every technique is appropriate for each age group, so discretion is used based on age.

What do you treat?

There are too many conditions to list that may be benefited with Osteopathic manipulative medicine.  If you are unable to find a specific reference to your condition on the web links to osteopathic resources, please call the Center For Health and Dr Gentry will speak with you directly.