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Regular exercise is a part of any health maintenance plan. The Center For Health, through our relationship with Cayuga Internal Martial Arts, encourages our patients to explore the health benefits of martial arts training. Licensed Physical Therapist and Martial Arts Instructor, Michael Costello is a teacher of Tai Ji and Ba Gua (Kung Fu). Both of these forms of Chinese Martial Arts help students to learn more efficient movement patterns. Like yoga, martial arts have been practiced for centries by people seeking to ehance and preserve their good health. The instruction is individualized to meet the needs of all kinds of people; from athletes who seek performance enhancement to people recovering from injury or chronic stress to those seeking lifelong health benefits of exercise. Current research supports century's old beliefs that physical activity is a key to health and longevity.  Finding healthful and personally enjoyable physical activities is the key to consistent and successful exercise programs.

Tai Ji (Tai Chi) s a form of martial arts that focuses on the development of a strong body and a calm mind. Tai Ji offers many benefits on physical, mental and emotional levels. It is a well researched method of improving strength, balance, coordination and cardiovascular function. There is also emerging evidence that regular Tai Ji  practice may help to maintain and improve bone density and immune function. Classes are hed on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm at Island Health and Fitness. Gym membership is not required to attend.

Ba Gua is a form of Kung Fu (Gong Fu) that focuses on circular movement patterns and challenging physical conditioning. The meaning of the term Gong Fu is "that which is achieved by hard work." The study of Ba Gua is beneficial both for health purposes and as a form of self defense. Students report feeling stronger, more confident and more connected to their bodies. Classes meet each Saturday at 10:15 am and are open to a wide range of students. In traditional style, they are held in one of Ithaca's beautiful outdoor settings, weather permitting.